Some people think coaching and mentoring are the same.    They're not.   Coaching is a
relationship based upon achieving goals. and Yes, coaching is included in Mentoring, yet it goes far beyond just checking a box after getting a new car, or a new job.

Mentoring is a relationship based upon living life and having more of what you want...

Come... Let's walk together.  Let's talk.  Let's look at everything, tumble the Rubik's cube, get some different perspectives or broaden the possibilities on
--What you really and truly want, deep down...
--Where you've been and where you're going - What's next?
--What you've already learned and what you have a burning desire to know
--What is missing from your work, your friends, your relationships, your life
--Who you have in your life and who you want in your life
--When do you want to change or have more... of what you want

Mentoring is intensely personal.  I'm sure you've done a lot of personal growth, and for one reason or another, you've come up against a wall or just tabled the whole thing for sometime "later."  Let's find a way over, under, around, through, or simply vaporize whatever stops you or get you more of what you want in your life. Sometimes it's easy and as simple as a conversation, or not. Are you open to more possibilities or perhaps another perspective to bring you to where you want to be bigger, better, faster and sooner than ever before or do you want to  rediscover what you already know.  Individual sessions to get you to where you want to be to share with who you want in your life when you want it organically (includes individual changework).  3-, 6-, and 12-month mentoring programs all available for you to choose to fit into your life..

Mentoring is a gift. And there's no one more deserving than you right now. Come... let's talk.